UFOs: State of the Evidence - 2002
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We Don't Need to 'Believe' Any More...

50 years plus after the infamous 1947 Kenneth Arnold sighting - which remains a mystery, despite the tireless efforts of professional debunkers - inquiring terrestrials, interested in the UFO Conundrum, have a striking list of new answers, [and intriguing new questions, however, as well.]

The glaring UFO consistencies such as Hessdalen, Marfa, Fastwalkers, Lake Ontario ORBWATCH, Storm-globes, Green fireballs, Rods, Space shuttle video; demonstrable UFO trace-cases, Lunar transient phenomena, and those Sky-aberrations officially called 'ball lightning' have robbed the professional skeptics of their oldest line of criticism: UFO witnesses are all either lying or hallucinating.
[...That won't "fly" anymore.]

2. {'Cumulative' Evidence}
...We Can Know

Even before the advent of hard scientific UFO Phenomenal evidence, the 'cumulative' evidence - which tends to be irreverently called merely "anecdotal" - was, and still is, overwhelming to anyone who dares to view it. But now, a most intriguing omen at the turn of the millennium, UFO evidence of SUPER-high strangeness, is all but in the face of the human collective. And if we add up this evidence that has long accumulated worldwide, an utterly STAGGERING voluminous accumulation, AND the new hard evidence -listed above - together, then we must, at the very least, reject any notion coming from ANYONE that the UFO Phenomenon is only a silly human mental aberration.

3. {Analysis: UFO Gnosis is Coming... Maybe}

We do not know where "they" - The UFO Entities - come from yet - though there are some who may - but now we DO know they do NOT come strictly from the human imagination in all it's untamed wildness any more than 747s do. There most certainly are objects that fly, and are NOT airplanes, or birds, or satellites, or lenticular clouds, or meteors, or anything else we can so far identify. So even though none of the UFOs throughout history are necessarily exoplanetary [extraterrestrial], we now have irrefutable proof at last that 'such things' ARE, regardless of how they are interpreted. They exist. We needn't BELIEVE any more - now we can KNOW. We can know there are exotic, as opposed to prosaic, phenomena in the skies. Phenomena which are far from being understood by the scientific community beyond the fact that they are present, and that they are strange.

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